Amazing SS - Yoga & Relaxation, 25xJPGs


25 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 243 Mb RAR

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Tulipan Font Family - 11 Fonts for $80


Tulipan Font Family

After Letrista Script, Calderon Estudio returns with a new contemporary and adaptable typeface. Tulipan Lovely Script is a font with three variations resulting in a subtle design that can be smooth as the fresh tulips that inspired it, markedly delineated as a tulip in full bloom, or rough as crocodile skin. Tulipan evokes the soul of vintage brush lettering. See our samples here.

Features include: Tulipan Display: Stylistics alternatives, contextual alternates, swash, discretionary ligatures, standard ligatures, oldstyle figures, language support, titling alternates and 59 ornaments. Tulipan Broken: Broken effect, Stylistics alternatives, contextual alternates, swash, discretionary ligatures, standard ligatures, oldstyle figures, language support, titling alternates, small caps and 59 ornaments. Tulipan Rough: Rough effect, Stylistics alternatives, contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures, language support, cath words, 77 ornaments and free samples patterns!

OTF | 11 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 42 Mb RAR

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Lavinia Font for $55


Lavinia Font

Lavinia is the new hand lettered script font, full of fun calligraphy with 962 characters and a host of specials features that will allow you to add more personality and originality to your work. Lavinia is a seamlessly connecting alphabet. Using OpenType contextual, stylistics alternatives, swatches each lowercase has the minimum ten versions and each capital letter two variants. Also, Lavinia comes with a custom set of standard and discretionary ligatures, lots of goodies ornaments and flourishes, catchwords, tails, words with stylistics alternates, special double letters ligatures. This lovely font has an extended character set to support Central and Eastern as well as Western European languages. Mix and match them for a custom look! You can quickly change the appearance of your design. It’s like getting a lot of fonts for one! Lavinia is perfect for logos, advertising, announcement, invites, thank you’s and correspondence, for packaging, and to create all yours fun and moderns designs you want. There are plenty of options to allow you to create something unique and special. Test it, you will not regret! Have fun with it!

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 6.8 Mb RAR

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Kondolar Font Family - 4 Fonts for $99


Kondolar Font Family

OTF | 4 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.6 Mb RAR

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Candy Script Font for $99


Candy Script Font

Inspired by Argentina and its culture, Alejandro Paul’s Candy Script captures the country’s spirit. It comes from the tradition of window sign painting, but its thick hand-brushed characters, with alternates for almost every upper and lowercase letter, have a personality all their own. Tons of OpenType alternates included, over 600 characters in all.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 7.1 Mb RAR

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Bratislove Font Family - 3 Fonts for $105


Bratislove Font Family

OTF | 3 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 1.4 Mb RAR

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Bronze Script Font for $59



Bronze Script Font

Let Bronze Script take you back. Back to the golden age of vintage when hand drawn scripts appeared in every form of publication. A different time when everything moved slower, lettering was done with expertise, and every detail awarded care and attention. In our age of cold digital creations, you can rest assured that Bronze Script will give you that tailor made flare only a nostalgic font can offer.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 1.3 Mb RAR

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Areqo 4F Font for $25


Areqo 4F Font

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 3.3 Mb RAR

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Andria Font for $38


Andria Font

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.5 Mb RAR

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Spina Font for $28


Spina Font

The 225 glyphs that make “Spina Typeface” are the result of experience with hundreds of drawings, sketches and digital test in seeking to achieve a typeface that represented the fluides of the script’s and elegance of the modern Roman. Thereby, based on this principle and a unique style, a infinitely versatile typeface was designed that evokes both the beauty and finesse of the plants as power its thorns and its deadly poison.

TTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.3 Mb RAR

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Lulo Font Family - 10 Fonts for $49


Lulo Font Family

Lulo from Yellow Design Studio is a textured, retro, amazingly 3-dimensional font family. Endless effects can be created by adding different colors to each of the 5 stackable layers. Lulo is all-caps, and has subtle texture variation between the upper and lowercase characters so duplicate distressing in double-letters can be avoided. Other features include regular and bold weights, high-resolution texture that looks great even at large sizes, and extensive language support. Because of its complex outlines, Lulo may process slowly in some applications.

OTF + 10 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 17.9 Mb RAR

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Verna Font for $35


Verna Font

Verna is a versatile contemporary font. Verna has a set of automatic ligatures, discretionary ligatures, swash initials and a selection of ornaments that you can easily access in any Opentype savvy program. Ornaments are placed in stylistic set 1 letters a-z but you'll also find them from the glyph panel.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preiew | 4.4 Mb RAR

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Burgues Script Font for $99


Burgues Script Font

Burgues Script is an ode to the late 19th century American calligrapher Louis Madarasz, whose legendary pen has inspired schools of penmanship for over 100 years. His talent has caused some people to call him “the most skillful penman the world has ever known.” I use the word ‘ode’ in a colloquially ambitious manner. If I was an actual poet, my words would be about things I desire but cannot attain, objects of utter beauty that make me wallow in humility, or people of enormous talent who look down at me from the clouds of genius. But I don’t write poems. My work consists of letters drawn to fit together, that become an element of someone’s visual poetry. I am the poet’s assistant, so to speak. Once in a while, the assistant persists on what the subject of the poem will be. And occasionally, the poet gives in to the persistence. I hope you, visual poet, find my persistence justified in this case.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 6 Mb RAR

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Hipsteria Font for $19


Hipsteria Font

Hipsteria is a fun and unique script typeface. Inspired by traditional script lettering that typically used in vintage-themed designs. Hipsteria suitable for any project that requires the natural hand lettering feel as the core design elements; such as logo, wedding invitation, greeting card, poster, etc. Hipsteria consists of 367 glyphs and a bunch of alternative characters that divided into several OpenType features such as Ligature, Contextual alternates and stylistic alternates that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. You can access all those alternate characters by using OpenType savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 5.7 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Swimming Pool, 25xJPGs


25 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 9400 x 6200 | 300 dpi | 417 Mb RAR

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Felt Noisy Font Family - 2 Fonts for $32


Felt Noisy Font Family

Counting four variations for each letter and two for the numbers, Felt Noisy delivers a cool organic feel with a strong and spontaneous ?? attitude. The typeface was drawn with a bad felt tip pen? and resulted in two rather nice fonts that will stylishly fit many visual projects out there that don't look for any transparency at all. Give it a go!

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 16.3 Mb RAR

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Economica Font Family - 4 Fonts for $60



Economica Font Family

Typography created in Montevideo, Uruguay. The project’s development typography Economica covered much of 2007 and received assistance of colleagues from all over Latin America. Economica has four basic versions: normal, bold, italic and bold italic. It was inspired by saving space for publishing texts without loss of height. Includes a comprehensive set of characters that lets you deal with diverse languages in its four variants.

TTF | 4 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 1.6 Mb RAR

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Prevya Display Font Family - 5 Fonts for $40



Prevya Display Font Family

Prevya is a display family. Inspired by the metalwork of the early twentieth century. Have appropriate characteristics for ornamental titles. Is accompanied by a light version for featured texts and it has a shadow layer to combine in beautiful designs.

OTF | 5 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 3.8 Mb RAR

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Rambla Alt Font Family - 12 Fonts for $80



Rambla Alt Font Family

Rambla Alt is a variation of Rambla, which has certain modifications without altering its main structure. For this reason Rambla Alt is great when used together with Rambla. Rambla Alt is a humanist sans for medium-long texts. It’s slightly condensed, with a generous x-height and short ascender/descenders. Its proportions have the objective of gaining space in height and width. It’s elegant in large sizes and legible at the same time, with a lot of rhythm in small sizes.

OTF | 12 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 1.6 Mb RAR

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