Cadogan Font for $49


Cadogan Font

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 3 Mb RAR

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Acryle Script Font for $59


Acryle Script Font

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 3.2 Mb RAR

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Amplia Font for $45


Amplia Font

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 1.7 Mb RAR

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Filmotype Yukon Font for $29


Filmotype Yukon Font

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.2 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Welcome Back to School 2, 25xEPS


25 EPS | + HQ JPEG Preview | 207 Mb RAR

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Quire Sans Font Family - 20 Fonts for $499


Quire Sans Font Family

"My goal was to make a design that might fit in anywhere,” says Jim Ford about his Quire Sans™ typeface. “I wanted it to be highly functional and sexy at the same time.” With one foot comfortably in the realm of oldstyle design and traditional book typography, and the other in evolving electronic media, the Quire Sans family does, indeed, fit in just about anywhere. As for sexy, someone once quotably wrote, “A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.” Yes, Quire Sans is sexy, performing confidently in virtually any setting.

OTF | 20 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 6.6 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - White Textures, 25xEPS


25 EPS | + HQ JPEG Preview | 209 Mb RAR

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Suntea Font Family - 2 Fonts for $29


Suntea Font Family

Flavored with a cool set of discretionary ligatures, and infused with delicate sweetness, Suntea is quirky and refreshing! Suntea Caps keeps it bold with all-caps and alternates for each character. Hand drawn and delicious, let Suntea quench your thirst for a friendly font.

OTF | 2 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5.4 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Car Crashes, 25xJPGs


25 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 235 Mb RAR

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Winco Font Family - 10 Fonts for $340


Winco Font Family

Winco family can be labelled a humanist sans-serif, but in spirit it is more closely related to that rather rare typeface category called ‘glyphic’ or ‘incise’. While conceiving Winco, Ramiro Espinoza studied the work of the masters of postwar book cover design: Helmut Salden, Boudewijn Ietswaart, Berthold Wolpe; among others. He also looked into German and Czech traditions of expressive printing types that had such a strong presence in the earliest decades of the 20th century. Having established a stylistic framework, Espinoza designed the typeface from scratch. This allowed him to create an original, typographically consistent and versatile family in five weights, from Light to Ultra Black. The process has resulted in a typeface that successfully combines the high legibility and seriousness of a text face with the expressiveness, dynamism and subtle irreverence of the original hand-rendered alphabets. Winco is a versatile family whose extreme weights – Light, Black and Ultra Black – make for striking headlines, while the middle weights work well in both display and text settings. Produced as CFF OpenType fonts, all weights come with small caps and multiple numeral sets, including superscript, subscript and fractions, alternate glyphs and ligatures, making Winco a typographically sophisticated family suitable for a wide range of editorial and corporate work.

TTF | 10 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 10.1 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Menu for Restaurant 2, 25xEPS


25 EPS | + HQ JPEG Preview | 254 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Light Bulbs & Creative Ideas, 25xJPGs


25 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 9900 x 7200 | 300 dpi | 249 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Creative Icons & Symbols, 25xEPS


25 EPS | + HQ JPEG Preview | 204 Mb RAR

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Dawnora Font Family - 11 Fonts for $190


Dawnora Font Family

Inspired by aurora, one of the most impressive phenomenon. Dawnora is a spirited serif font comes with various weights and many opentype features, suitable for both simple text and elegant lettering. Especially, Initials style for drop cap and special usage.

OTF | 11 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.4 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Skateboarding, 25xJPGs


25 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 258 Mb RAR

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The Crashed Fonts Family - 11 Fonts for $179


The Crashed Fonts Family

We destroyed our fonts and create a new collection with our best-sellers types.

OTF | 11 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 10.4 Mb RAR

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Wes FY Font Family - 5 Fonts for $123


Wes FY Font Family

If you’re searching for a new sans-serif, here is Wes FY! This font is a modern geometric grotesk reminding of Paul Renner’s Futura. It has a large x-height and tight letter-spacing, and comes in five weights from Thin to Black. While the extremes are definitely intended to large sizes usage, the intermediate weights will be well suited to text setting at smaller sizes.

OTF | 5 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5.1 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Labels and Badges, 25xEPS


25 EPS | + HQ JPEG Preview | 291 Mb RAR

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Amazing SS - Africa, 25xJPGs


25 UHQ JPEG | up to ~ 9000 x 6000 | 300 dpi | 345 Mb RAR

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Samui Script Font for $60


Samui Script Font

Named for the island that I've had the pleasure of calling home for over a year now, Samui Script is a lovingly made, hand-lettering-style, script font, with a bouncy baseline and exuberant character. Taking mid 20th century commercial lettering as its inspiration, it is no revival, or pale imitation of past forms. This font can be as contemporary as you need it to be, or as retro, or somewhere inbetween. A wealth of sophisticated OpenType features lie beneath the bouncy exterior, making for a versatile script font that performs well at headline sizes, but is also legible enough to set small amounts of copy. See the user guide in the gallery section for a comprehensive overview of features, and see if you can resist the urge to have your own personal sign-writer living inside your computer.

OTF | 1 Font | JPEG Preview | 4.1 Mb RAR

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