PK3DStudio - HD Cars Collection Volume 02

8 Highly Detailed and Shadered Car Models | RAR 64 MB

Cars included :

 Audi Q7
Citroen C6
Ford F-150
Lexus GS
Pontiac Solstice
Range Rover
Seat Leon
Skoda Fabia

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PK3DStudio - HD Cars Collection Volume 04

10 Highly Detailed and Shadered Car Models | RAR 190 MB

Cars included :

 Audi A4
Checy Camaro
Infiniti M56

Lamborghini Gallardo
Lexus GS
Lexus RX
Mercedes C-Class
Mitsubishi Colt
Smart Fortwo
Volkswagen Golf
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TurboSquid - Iron Man Rigged, 3DS Max

TurboSquid - Iron Man Rigged, 3DS Max 614510 | $199

3ds Max 2011 Files | RAR 80 MB

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TurboSquid - Arkviz Car Model Collection
7 Max 3D Car Models | Total 63 MB

Bundle Content:

Hyundai IX 35
Mercedes CLS 2012
Nissan Qashqai
Opel Insignia Sports
Peugeot 607
VW Polo
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Robot Woman 3D Model MAX

Robot Woman 3D Model MAX

3ds max. 3ds. Files | 22 MB

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Explicit 13 3D Female Models


Explicit 13 3D Female Models | 82 MB


Whipper Lingerie
Defender Lingerie
Female Jin
Sentinel Lingerie
Blonde Elexis (nud3)
Vanille (nud3)
Swimsuit Temari
Swimsuit Tsunade
Female Human
Female Gnome
Female Dwarf

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Robot Baby 3D Model C4D

*.c4d File | 2 MB
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Female Cyborg 3D Model Max&Maya

Female Cyborg 3D Model 

*.max, *.FBX files | 9 MB

A Female Cyborg free 3d model, that will fill you futuristic scene. This model has no textures added.

What can be hotter than a human female you ask? A demonic, killer-robot chick. Duh. The model has 18k polygons and isn’t textured. It’s built from separate objects and the larger meshes can be textured per group.

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Contacts (Vol 1,2,3)

The World's Greatest Photographers Reveal the Secrests Behind Their Images

CONTACTS Volumes 1, 2 & 3
English | mpeg4 yuv420p 528x400 29.97 fps | aac 48000 Hz stereo | Total 1.73 GB
Genre: Video Training
  • Studio ARTE produced three parts of this project called Contacts. The idea of the project, if I may say so, to show the connection (exposed) photo-artist with a photo, give everyone the opportunity to comment on the photographer to his work. The uniqueness of the film that did not show a picture, and often the entire series of images, of which only one frame later is found to be (named), a brilliant, unique, unique, etc. In this film you can see what is the work of the photographer - to prepare a frame of mind or a place to try, to experiment, to wait, to anticipate. And all for the sake of the dozens of great photos to choose the most-most.
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GraniteBay GBDeflicker v2.4.3 for After Effects and Premiere Pro (Win64)

GraniteBay GBDeflicker v2.4.3 (Team V.R Corporate Edition)
Video Plug-in For After Effect & Premiere Pro  (Win64)
English | Win64, After Effects, Premiere Pro CS5/CS6/CC | File Size: 5.5Mb 
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HTML5: Drag and Drop in Depth with Bill Weinman
Duration: 1h | 960x540 | Video: 30 fps 931 kbps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 159 kbps 2 stereo
MOV + Exercise Files | |155 MB 
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GreyscaleGorilla – HDRI Studio Pack v1.8s For Cinema 4D

Hdri Studio Pack 1.8s Plugin for Cinema 4D | 358 MB

  • HDRI Studio Pack is a collection of over 70 studio images made to light your scenes, animations and products just like a real studio. These HDR Images were captured from Professionally lit 3D product studios so your renders look just like the pros. Also included are flicker-free animation presets so you can light your animations using these HDRI images.
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Digital Art Masters - First 6 Volumes in One!
Digital Art Masters - First 6 Volumes in One!
3D Total - Digital Art Masters - First 6 Volumes in One!
6 PDF Magazines in one | HQ | 655 MB | Click to buy!
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Arroway Textures – WOOD Vol.1 PNG
Arroway Textures – WOOD vol.1
PNG | Textures | 4.01 GB


  • Wood is one of the oldest and most versatile building materials. In addition to its superb qualities as constructional timber, today wood is also popular because of its warm and natural look.
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B&B Italia 3D Sofas & Armchair Collections
B&B Italia 3D Sofas & Armchair Collections
max | obj | 3ds | 3D models | RAR 1.25 GB

B & B Italia Sofas and armchairs 3d models in dwg, 3ds, max & obj file format.

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logo design process
Inspirational Collections | jpg, png, gif & pdf | >19 GB | >227.000 images 
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Evermotion – Archmodels vol. 27

C4D, Max, V-Ray and Obj Files | 96 3D models | RAR 229 MB

This collection comes with 100 models of gym and fitness accessories.

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50+ AE Projects and 50+ *.mov Footages | HQ | 6.8 GB
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10gen - M101 MongoDB for Developers (2012)

English | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (und)

Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 29.97 fps(r) (und) | 5.09 GB

Genre: Video Training

  • Learn everything you need to know to get started building a MongoDB-based app. This course will go over basic installation, JSON, schema design, querying, insertion of data, indexing and working with language drivers. In the course, you will build a blogging platform, backed by MongoDB.
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MotionWorks - Making It Look Great Workshops with Sample Source Files FULL!

10 Workshops for AE & Motion Graphics

Total RAR size: 10.3 GB < UnRAR size 16 GB
Choose your DVD and download it  only!

Bundle Content:

Adobe After Effects with Zaxwerks ProAnimator

Here is the news… After Effects and Zaxwerks look great!

After Effects, 3D Invigorator Pro and Trapcode mastery

Strap on your motion graphics black belt

Kick-ass design and production technique for After Effects

The ultimate workshop for Cinema 4D and After Effects

Cinema 4D MoGraph Unleashed

Modelling, Texturing and Rendering for Cinema 4D

Animation, Camera & Staging Techniques for Cinema 4D

Modelling Essentials For Cinema 4D
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