A Guide to Drawing the Female Figure by Cecile Hardy
Guide to drawing the female figure.
Name: Better Figure Drawin
Author: Cecile Hardy
Format: PDF
Size: 14.84 MB
Pages: 41
Language: English
A Guide to drawing the female figure. Line of Action, Drawing from the Model, Creatively,
Clothing The Figure Drawing and The Glamour Girl.
Name: Better Figure Drawing | Author: Cecile Hardy | Format: PDF
Size: 15  MB | Pages: 41 | Language: English | Publisher: Art Books for All

Caitlin Bellah, San Francisco 80xJPGs
80 Shoots, JPG <1600x1146 Pixels | 23 MB

Caitlin Bellah is a 22 year old photographer from San Francisco, CA. She currently resides in Los Angeles and only comes out of her cave to feed on salmon from the stream below.

  • Magazines & Clients:
    Peppermint Magazine, Teen Vogue, Rocket Dog Shoes, Cellardoor Magazine, Scout Magazine, Avec Magazine, Chaos Magazine, Leanne Marshall,
    Dujour Magazine, VAMPD Magazine.

220 RGB JPG Images | <1600x1200 Pixels | 48 MB

Dream Pictures - Branson DeCou Archive, More Than 3000 Colored Retro Photos
Dream Pictures - Branson DeCou Archive, More Than 3000 Colored Retro Photos
3094 Color Slides Painted by Branson DeCou
University of California Library
 3094 JPG Files with Info Text File | Resolution : 1904X2693 - 4692X4529 | Full Collection 5.4 GB

Artluz Studio - AD Samples 115xJPGs
115 JPG Images of Advertisement Works | <1600x2801 Pixels | 135 MB

Andrew Whitton - Portfolio 2010
Andrew Whitton - Portfolio 2010
409 RGB JPG Images | <851x1280-3744x5616> Pixels | 200 MB
  • Andrew Whitton: Born and raised in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Andrew moved to London in 2001 after receiving a BA Honours Degree in Photography at Cheltenham. He developed his skills working alongside many great photographers in fashion, beauty, music and advertising. But it was while assisting legendary music photographer, Gered Mankowitz that he began to forge a reputation in the world of photography. Andrew started shooting for the NME back in 2003 after building his portfolio and skills with lo-fi music magazines Careless Talk Costs Lives, Loose Lips Sink Ships and Plan B. This is when he gained valuable experience shooting artists in venues ranging from tiny sweaty pubs (with some of the best unsigned bands you've never heard of) to stadium gigs, tours, festivals and studio recordings with acts such as Oasis, Take That, Kasabian, Razorlight and The Kooks.. He now shoots for global record labels such as Polydor, Mercury, Fiction, Virgin, Parlophone, Island Records, Geffen and XL shooting press and artwork for artists such as La Roux, Elbow, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Take That, James Morrison, Lily Allen, KT Tunstall and The Verve. To add to this impressive client list, Andrew also shoots for MTV, Levi's, Musicians' Union and Mencap. Andrew’s approach to shooting his subjects provides relaxed natural portraits showing the artists at work and play. Effortlessly cool, pure raw energy and very stylish are phrases that come to mind when describing his work. He is excited and inspired by all aspects of image making, comfortable and equally at home in a photo studio or onstage at Wembley. Andrew can be considered as one of the new wave of rock and pop photographers, continuing the great tradition of British Music Photographers such as Furmanovsky, Michael Joseph, Mankowitz, Cummins, Gullick and Corbijn.

 America's Children, 1865-1930 Years, 190 HQ Scans
190 RGB JPG Scans | <2687x4000 Pixels | by dL. Art. | 115 MB

America's Children 1850-1930 Years 2
America's Children 1850-1930 Years 2
350 JPG  | 1700x1157 Pixels | 132 MB

Amazing Siberia UHQ 82xJPGs

Amazing Siberia

82 UHQ JPG Images | Over 16 MPixels | 700 MB

Alexander Danilov, Illustrator
181 RGB JPG Images | <1654x1100 Pixels | 135 MB
  • Travel surreal and mythical time, a change of scenery and costumes, staging as a way of artistic thinking Danilova allows him to achieve in painting a special grace, to show both festive, dramatic and theatrical life. His stylization accompanied by mild irony, penetrating into the small vibration beautiful fabrics, in primitivizirovanny drawing and delicate coloristic harmony.

Alex Cherry's Artworks [2005-2011]
Alex Cherry - Amazing illustrator and fotomanipulyator in obscene art.
197 jpg | <2560x1800 Pixels | 148 MB

Airbrush Techniques on Realistic Flames, Draw Real Flames by John Harris
Country : USA | Genre : Teaching Airbrushing | Language : English | Russian Subtitles
Duration : 1:08:19 | Quality : DVDRip | Format : AVI | Video : DivX 5 | 640x470 Pixels
29.97fps 1802Kbp Audio MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz mono 48Kbp | 919 MB
  • Description : This video is a must for anyone who wants to master the method of images airbrush realistic flames. Methods - from John Harris, clearly one of the best artists in the world of a real fire. In this more methodical presentation, Mr. Harris is working on a Hummer limo! 

Tree in a Snow - 3D Model
Format: 3d Max 2009 Vray.3ds.C4D (textures) size 43 Mb

Russian and Soviet Artists - 330 Artists's Paintings 7730xJPG & Tags
7165 RGB JPG Images with Info Text Files  | <7000x5000 Pixels (Including Small Sizes) | 2.04 GB

Cally Blackman - 100 Years of Fashion Illustration
Laurence King Publishers | 2007 | ISBN: 1856694623 | 382 pages | PDF | 181 MB
  • A visual feast of 400 dazzling images, this is a comprehensive survey of the genre over the last century. The book also offers an overview of the development of fashion, as seen through the eyes of the greatest illustrators of the day. Early in the century fashion illustration reflected new, liberating currents in art and culture, such as the exoticism of the Ballets Russes, while the postwar period saw inspiration from the great Parisian couturiers. After the dominance of the celebrity fashion photographer in the '60s, a new generation of illustrators emerged, embracing the medium of the computer, while many returned to more traditional techniques.

Steampunk Fashion Collection 130xJPG
Steampunk Fashion Collection 130xJPG
130 JPG Images | ~800x1200 Pixels | 33 MB
  • Steampunk - the direction of science fiction, simulating alternative development of mankind, which had been perfectly mastered the technology of steam engines and mechanics. As a rule, steampunk involves stylized era Victorian England (the second half of XIX century) and the era of early capitalism with a typical urban landscape and the contrast of social stratification.The term "steampunk" was coined in 1987 by writer Kevin Jeter, and was originally a parody of the "cyberpunk". Often the latest technology to search for "steam" analogs: computer - Babbage's machine, the programmer - clap; robot - clockwork mechanism, machine, etc.

Vintage ThanksGiving Day Postcards Collection 193xJPG

Vintage ThanksGiving Day Postcards Collection

193 HQ JPG Scans | Up to 1600x1200 Pixels | 225 MB


  • In the fourth Thursday of November in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day). This is one of the most popular festivals in the country. Thanksgiving Day was first celebrated in 1621 by English colonists who lived in Plymouth Colony. Previous winter was very severe and hungry winter new colonists also promised little good. Then Governor William Bradford decided to raise the spirits of his subordinates and organized the first Thanksgiving. Holiday together noted British colonists and their neighbors, the Indians, with the help of which the Plymouth Colony survive the first winter of starvation. The Puritans brought to this festival a deep religious meaning - they saw it as a way to thank God for mercy. Thanksgiving Day became a national holiday after the relevant decree of the first President George Washington in 1789. Happy Thanksgiving associated with a number of traditions that Americans hold sacred and honored. All family members must go to church and after the service to meet the holiday table. On the eve of Thanksgiving Day blooms charity: Americans are trying to feed and somehow please their neighbors who have been unlucky in life. Even the subway stations are installed special table on which everyone can put their donations, including food. The newspaper published the announcement about this: "If you donate $ 1.90 - You will be able to give a hot meal to the homeless or poor countryman. If you donate $ 19, you will help to feed 10 people ... "etc. On the eve of the holiday charities distribute to needy collected gifts, and for the homeless organize dinners. The second most important attribute of Thanksgiving - turkey. At the first festival of the colonists and the Indians roasted and ate together four turkeys, shot down in a nearby forest. Since then, turkey and Thanksgiving Day became synonymous, especially poultry farmers fatten turkeys this holiday. The third attribute of the holiday - parades (mostly costumed in the garb of a 17th-century costumes Indians) and fun.

The History Of The 20th Century - BBC Archive MUST HAVE!
The History Of The 20th Century - BBC Archive MUST HAVE!
5214 RGB JPG Grayscale Images | <4048x3969 Pixels | Total: 8.14 GB


Asadal - Business Collection 100xPSD

100 Multilayered UHQ PSD Files | JPG Previews | Total RAR 4.3 GB 

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian
Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian
1.565 RGB JPG Scans | 1350x1024 Pixels | 248 MB  
  • The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis is one of the most significant and controversial representations of traditional American Indian culture ever produced. Issued in a limited edition from 1907-1930, the publication continues to exert a major influence on the image of Indians in popular culture. Curtis said he wanted to document "the old time Indian, his dress, his ceremonies, his life and manners." In over 2000 photogravure plates and narrative, Curtis portrayed the traditional customs and lifeways of eighty Indian tribes. The twenty volumes, each with an accompanying portfolio, are organized by tribes and culture areas encompassing the Great Plains, Great Basin, Plateau Region, Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Featured here are all of the published photogravure images including over 1500 illustrations bound in the text volumes, along with over 700 portfolio plates. 

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