JaguarWoman's - Gothic Rose Alphabet

Scraps - JaguarWoman's Gothic Rose Alphabet
66 Transparent PNG Files | 1000x1100 Pixels | 28 MB 

  • A "romantic thriller" decorative alphabet:  26 upper case letters in a sinuously reflective midnight metal, embellished with blood roses.  26 unembellished lower case letters are also included.  Each letter is provided in an individual psd file, without drop shadow, on a transparent background, and are 300 dpi. This package includes punctuations and numbers 0-9 The size of the embellished letters averages 850 pixels.  The background in the promo images is not included.

Rose Wedding Decorative Alphabet
Rose Wedding Decorative Alphabet
JaguarWoman's Rose Wedding Decorative Alphabet

182 PNG | ~ 800x700 | 46,5 MB


JaguarWoman's Abelarde Roses

JaguarWoman's Abelarde Roses
Scraps - JaguarWoman's Abelarde Roses
26 Transparent PNG Files | 1550x1100 Pixels | 16 MB
  • 26 upper case letters of the decorative font, "Abelard", rendered in highly reflective and beautifully bevelled gold and embellished with digitally painted roses AND 26 unembellished matching lower case letters. All letters are provided in individual psd file format, on a transparent background, in very large sizes (average 1000 pixels in height), 300 dpi.

JaguarWoman's Anniversary Rose Decorative Alphabet

JaguarWoman's Anniversary Rose Decorative Alphabet
Scraps - JaguarWoman's Anniversary Rose Decorative Alphabet
95 Transparent PNG Files | 1200x1000 Pixels | 45 MB


  • An artfully beveled, luminous, vintage platinum alphabet…Includes 26 upper case letters embellished with Jaguarwoman’s Antique Roses and silken tassels, 26 unembellished capitals, 26 matching lower case letters, numbers 0-9 and punctuation.

Jagged Photoshop Patterns Pack 2
Jagged Photoshop Patterns Pack 2
PAT | 5.8 Mb


18 PSD | 2048*3072 pix | 300 dpi | RAR size: 499 MB < UnRAR size: 2.1 GB

  • Go Media s Bare Apparel Templates are for serious designers who know that first impressions are everything. We paired up with industry leading Bare Apparel to create the hardest hitting grunge T-Shirt Templates to date. These 18 Templates easily simulate Affliction style printingT

Asadal - Cities on Papers AI
AI File | 3 MB

500 Logo Collection 280xPSD, 220xEPS
280 PSD | 220 EPS | 500 PNG Previews | 604.88 Mb

20 Dark Patterns for Photoshop
20 Dark Patterns for Photoshop
PAT + PNG | 3 MB
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100 Historical Buildings in Vectors! 100xAI
100 Historical Buildings in Vectors
100 AI and CDR Files | Compressed to 7.2 MB

Hello Kitty Vector Templates for Fashion Makers
13 AI-EPS Vector Files for fashion makers | Compressed to 19 MB

Happy birthday - Stock Vectors
7 EPS | + JPG Preview | 15 Mb rar

Happy Birthday Card Story 12xAI
Happy Birthday Card Story
12 AI Vectors | 17 MB

7 CDR | + JPEG Preview | 15,1 Mb RAR
Ethnic Graffities [Ethnic symbols, decorated with graffiti]
7 EPS & CDR Vector Files | + JPEG Previews | 20 MB

Digital-Clipart: Tattoo for Girls 50xAI

Digital-Clipart: Tattoo for Girls
50 AI Vector Files | 26 MB


Valentine's Day Vectors III - 69xEPS Shutterstock
Shutterstock: Valentine's Day Vectors III
69 EPS Vectors | 104 MB

Valentine's Day Vectors II - 62xEPS Shutterstock
Shutterstock: Valentine's Day Vectors II 
62 EPS Vectors | 103 MB 

Valentine's Day Vectors I - 60xEPS Shutterstock
Shutterstock: Valentine's Day Vectors I 
60 EPS Vectors | 111 MB

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