Fast Leads Provider 3.02 Retail

Fast Leads Provider 3.02 Retail | 5.5 MB

Fast Leads Provider captures contact information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, fax, websites and emails from listings in White Pages.

FB Leads Extractor 2.07 Retail

FB Leads Extractor 2.07 Retail | 4.1 MB

FB Leads Extractor is a tool that captures contact information such as business name, address, phone number, websites, number of likes and other important information from Facebook.

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro Final + Rus

SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro Final + Rus | 152 MB

SILKYPIX is RAW developing software that generates a high-resolution picture from the RAW data of a digital camera. The original SILKYPIX development engine offers accurate color from shadows through to highlights.You can then derive your color preference from there on in. In addition, noise reduction and Lens aberration controllers are provided to deliver high quality images together with many other functions that todays' photographers need. Consider Silkypix as the universal RAW converter that yields clear photographs akin to the sound of a pure audio system.


Touche Software Manta Leads Extractor (Retail) v2 04


Manta Leads Extractor is a compact application designed to help you retrieve contact information for potential business partners from the Internet. It allows you to scan the webpages from the website and to grab the contact information with minimum effort.
You can use this tool to quickly build lists with potential clients and their contact information that you can use in your daily activity.
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Touche Software Yellow Pages Spider (Retail) v3 19

Yellow Pages Spider is a tool that does searches in the most popular “yellow pages” directories and extracts important information like business name, address, phone number and email.
With our application you can create 100% customizable searches in a browser like IE so you can enjoy all the features of each target site. Just enter a category and location, then do a search and when you get the first page of data click the “Get Data!” button and the rest is magic!
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SoftColor PhotoEQ 1.1.7 Portable

SoftColor PhotoEQ | 13 MB

SoftColor PhotoEQ makes color correction, image editing and color management tasks simpler. Just drag and drop image files or folders to PhotoEQ and you are ready to start improving your images. PhotoEQ's todo queue helps you to organize and complete image editing tasks without any hassle. You can process files one by one or just batch process all with single click.  

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium (UDC2)

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium (UDC2) | 325.09 MB

Every year at MAGIX we select the best effect packages in the world for our Premium version and make them available to you. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium provides you with a range of unique, high-quality plugins for professional video effects. NewBlue ColorFast combines professional color correction with detailed color grading in a single workflow. You can precisely control color adjustments and apply them to individual image areas or the entire video picture. Use proDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro and create impressive title animations with templates for a wide variety of themes.

DiskDigger Pro Multilingual

DiskDigger Pro Multilingual | 1.1 MB

DiskDigger is a program that undeletes and recovers lost files from your hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drives - you name it! Whether you accidentally deleted some documents or photos from your computer, reformatted your cameras memory card, or want to see what files are lurking on an old USB drive, DiskDigger is here for you. See the complete list of features to learn more.

Togu Audio Line TAL-U-NO-LX v2.33 (Win / Mac OS X) | 21.2 MB

TAL-U-NO-LX is a fully rewritten emulation of the popular hardware with a new engine and GUI. Up to date zero feedback delay filters and carefully calibrated controls make this synth a good replacement for the analog device with all the advantages software plugins have. As an addition, the TAL-U-NO-LX also supports portamento and different filter LFO waveforms and some more useful features. An arpeggiator with different sync modes and hold function is also included. A very fast envelope with a smooth roll-off and emulated inaccuracy gives this synth the typical sound. The synth was calibrated after a hardware device that's property of TAL.

Bitsum Technologies Process Lasso Pro + Portable | 10.6 MB

Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will, amongst other things, improve your PC's responsiveness and stability. Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint -- leading to freezes and hangs. Process Lasso's ProBalance (Process Balance) technology intelligently adjusts the priority of running programs so that badly behaved or overly active processes won't interfere with your ability to use the computer!

Light Image Resizer Multilingual + Portable | 15.1 MB

Light Image Resizer - previously known as VSO Image Resizer - software organizes your photos by shrinking their resolution or moving them within your hard drive. Light Image Resizer is the perfect tool for those who store their digital pictures and images on their PC and who want to resize, compress, convert, create copies, create thumbnails, import or organize photos.

Luci Live 1.5.5 | 7.7 MB

Live two-way studio quality audio, broadcast to many different types of professional IP-codecs. LUCI LIVE transforms your PC or Smartphone into a high-quality, live internet broadcasting source. With the availability of mobile or fixed-line internet access and the use of LUCI LIVE, the cost of live broadcasting is practically zero. LUCI LIVE includes the built-in option of recording while broadcasting live. It also has the renowned LUCI engine "under the hood", so you can depend on reliable technology and software while enjoying features like input equalizing and support for high-quality accessories. LUCI LIVE can even play pre-recorded material during a live broadcast!

Categories: Software » Windows
LVMFlowCV 4.6 | 446.6 mb

VMware Workstation Linux (x86/x64) | 395.5/378.4 Mb

Winner of more than 50 industry awards, VMware Workstation is recognized for its broad operating system support, rich user experience, a comprehensive feature set and high performance. VMware Workstation is designed for professionals that rely on virtual machines to get their job done.

Fielding DSP Reviver v1.3.2 | 3.3 MB

Reviver creates harmonic distortion, a sound which is often connected to vintage gear. It does not emulate analog equipment, but instead gives the user full control of overtone generation and volume. Despite this high level of controllability, Reviver's user interface is intuitive and provides the desired result after just a few mouse clicks.

Pro-EMFATIC (P-EF) 3.1 | 536.5 mb

Pro-Lambda Solutions Inc. leading provider of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software products and solutions announced pro-EMFATIC for FEMAP 3.1 (a.k.a. P-EF) has been released. This release brings a number of exciting new enhancements, some of which are listed below.

Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme 11.5.0 | 418.9 MB

Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme is the complete PDF solution designed for power users who want to do more. In fact, once you start using eXtreme, you'll find that it's more efficient, more powerful, and more reliable than any other product of its kind.

Image-Line DirectWave v1.5.5 | 12.3 MB

DirectWave loads and edits most of the existing sound formats out there (WAV (any), SF2 (Soundfont), AKP (Akai), Propellerheads Recycle, Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt (nki), GIGA (gig) & eMagic EXS24, ...) and it can even sample your existing VSTi instruments.

Categories: Software » Mac
Krypter X v1.0.1 | Mac OS X | 2.3 MB

Krypter performs routine file encryption. With an effortless drag and drop using the application's tiny interface, it's easy to successfully encrypt files. Decryption is just as uncomplicated using the same basic steps.

Categories: Software » Mac
WiFiMonitor v1.1 | Mac OS X | 0.7 MB

WiFiMonitor is an easy to use tool that displays your wifi connection information in a easy and clear way. It displays Signal to Noise in a easy to understand graph, rates your connection, as well as displaying real time data on your Received Signal Strength and Noise. WifiMonitor can be hidden in the background, so it does not interfere with your other apps.

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