Perfectly Clear for Adobe Photoshop 1.5.8 (x32/x64)
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Win 7 | Language: English  | Size: 14 MB
  • Perfectly Clear - a powerful plugin for Adobe Photosop from the company Athentech Imaging of a series of "do me a quick and beautiful," allowing only a couple of mouse clicks to adjust the photos of the perfect type of automatic, and correct them manually. Digital cameras have limitations, which lead to such distortions photos: illumination, the lack of richness and depth, underexposure, opacity, blur, poor skin tone, "red eye", noise, etc.Perfectly Clear plug will fix these flaws automatically or manually, using its own proprietary technology, which embodied 10 years of research and more than 10 patented adjustments.Perfectly Clear works with 8 and 16-bit images within Photoshop (with RAW-file after converting with Adobe Camera Raw). 

Perfectly Clear plug allows you to automatically adjust the following parameters: 
1. White Balance 
2. Color Tone 
3. The depth and color intensity of 
4. Clean a photo (noise reduction) 
5. Portrait photograph 
6. Skin Tone 
8. Harshness

Topaz Impression 1.1.1 DC 04.12.2014
Topaz Impression 1.1.2 (Win/MacOSX) | 162.5 MB

Topaz Impression helps make your photos more expressive by authentically turning them into art, the way a real painter would. Rigidly realistic photos sometimes leave less room for emotion, personal feeling, and story. Instead of just showing reality, take your viewers on a story by using Impression to capture emotion and feeling rather than details. This can make your work both more powerful and more personal.

Digital Heavens - Cosmic Pack 3
The Cosmic Pack 3 contains actions and textures for creating space art. With the this pack you can create stunning 2D space art without any brushing needed.
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Imagenomic Professional Plugin Suite for Adobe Photoshop FULL!


Imagenomic Plug-in Suite for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom (12.2014) | 26 MB


Imagenomic Portraiture is a Adobe Lightroom that eliminates the tedious manual labor of selective masking and pixel-by- pixel treatments to help you achieve excellence in portrait retouching. It intelligently smoothens and removes imperfections while preserving skin texture and other important portrait details such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc.

Color MegaMix 1.1 - Photoshop Plug-in
Color MegaMix 1.1 - Photoshop Plug-in | 6.44 MB

modifies the colors of any image. It is based on two rows of colors: 8 source colors and 8 target colors. According to these data, the plugin reconstructs completely the color space.

Eraser Classic & Eraser Genuine - Photoshop Plug-ins
Eraser Classic & Eraser Genuine - Photoshop Plug-ins | 10.2 MB

Eraser classic allows to erase easily a given colour. A typical use: activate the eyedropper, select the colour directly in the preview window, and adjust tolerance .  Eraser Genuine modifies image transparency according to two criteria: a colour you wish to erase and a colour you wish to protect. So, this plugin is particulary suitable for images where two colours oppose clearly.

Fine Threshold - Photoshop Plugin
Fine Threshold - Photoshop Plugin | 6.12 MB

Unlike the traditional threshold command of Photoshop, the plugin Fine Threshold allows to get quickly, anti-aliased and sharp shapes.

Flat Median 1.4 Photoshop Plug-in
Flat Median 1.4 Photoshop Plug-in | 8.5 MB

Flat Median is a median-like effect which have some advantages over the regular median filter:  you can control level of Flatness. At low level of flatness the result would look like a regular blur, while at high level the result would look more contrasty.  it is isotropic just like gaussian blur.  additionally, you can apply the effect on horizontal or vertical directions.

VirtualPhotographer 1.5.6 - Photoshop Plug-In
VirtualPhotographer 1.5.6 - Photoshop Plug-In | 9.17 MB

virtualPhotographer lets you instantly apply high quality, professional photographic styles to your digital imageswith just one click. Adjust film grain, color, B/W, soft focus, high contrast and many other effects to achieve the same professional-looking images that used to take hours of photo editing. Get great results in seconds. Get the latest version of our popular one-click photo effects plug-in downloaded by over 5 million digital photographers worldwide.

CSS3Ps - Cloud Based Photoshop Plug-in (CS3+)
CSS3Ps - Cloud Based Photoshop Plug-in (CS3+) | 11.7 MB

Cloud Based Photoshop Plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.

8 AutoFX Photo Effects Photoshop Plug-ins (WIN32/WIN64/MACOSX)
8 AutoFX Photo Effects Photoshop Plug-ins (WIN32/WIN64/MACOSX) | 236 MB

8 Full Version Photo Effects From Auto FX Software - 100% Absolutely  Photography Effects Software . Get 8  Auto FX Software Photo Effects with the  Sampler App. You get example effects from each of the three individual Mystical Products as well as DreamSuite Ultimate Gen1. These 8 Absolutely  Photoshop Plugins and Filters cover a large variety of photo enhancement needs. Use as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop or as a stand alone. Don't have Photoshop- Don't worry because you do not need any other software to support this  photo enhancement solution. Auto FX Software runs on its own platform as a stand alone app.

Soft Focus Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
Soft Focus Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop | 6.29 MB

This plugin applies a soft focus effect, which is often usefull  in portraits or fashion photography. There are controls to adjust the focus softness, the overall strength of the effect and the blending mode of  the overlayed blured image.

NKS5 - Essential Media Toolkit for Photoshop CS5+
NKS5 - Essential Media Toolkit for Photoshop CS5+ | 12.6 MB

NKS5 is a custom toolkit for Adobe Photoshop CS5+ that provides a basic set of drawing, painting, texturing and production tools in an attractive, easy to use palette. NKS5 is currently a donationware project, so if youre pro and its helping or if you just want to see more projects like this come about please consider making a donation below. Contributors will receive download links as theyre available along with early access to future extensions.


Web Font Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (WIN/MACOSX)
Web Font Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (WIN/MACOSX) | 219 MB

The easy way to mock up a website using web fonts. The Photoshop Web Font Plug-in lets you design with the same web fonts you will use to go live.


Preview Fonts CS6 - Component for Adobe Ps, Ai, Fl, Fw



Official Site

Adobe CS5.5+ | ZXP | 4 Mb RAR


This product was made to solve a problem I faced on a daily basis with finding and filtering the right font for the project, there are font programs that can do this but its a pain to flip between two programs while working in Adobe.


Here's 6 cool things it can do:

• Preview your system fonts in a visual way

• Shortlist fonts you would like to use for your projects

• Save font sets so you can filter fonts you used for a certain project or regularly.

• Change the font size for the preview.

• Preview in two modes, list view & box view.

• The plugin is very fast and responsive.


Not sure if this product is for you? Wondering if you'll get good use out of it?


You should buy this product if:

• You work with fonts a lot or have many fonts installed.

• You want to find the right font quickly.

• You don't want to spend hours looking for the right font.

• You make a lot of logos and mock-ups for clients.

• You would like to save time while finding the right font.


You should NOT buy this product if:

• You have lots of time to apply fonts and try each one.

• You like trail and error picking from adobe's font list.

• You don't like plugins because they seem technical.

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CSS Hat 2.0 (Mac OS X)
CSS Hat 2.0.5 & PNG Hat 1.1.8 for Adobe Photoshop (Win/Mac OS X) | 122 MB

CSS Hat: magic button that turns the styles in Photoshop to CSS-code, Converting design from Photoshop into a web page with a single click - it's not exactly a fresh idea. As soon as the web designers, there was an idea, a dream. 

Doco - Photoshop Documents Panel



Official Site

Adobe Photoshop CC+ | PDF, ZXP | 7.1 Mb RAR

While the ability to open and switch between multiple documents in Photoshop can be a major lifesaver, sometimes it’s too much of a good thing.

If you keep many images open at the same time, it gets increasingly difficult to identify, much less locate them, in the toolbar. When there’s an overflow, certain images get hidden from view.

Doco, a new Photoshop extension from Creative Do, aims to solve the problem by installing a discrete Documents panel into the program. By letting you view and perform some editing functions with thumbnails of your open images, you can accomplish tasks such as copying layers between documents and rotating or and resizing multiple images, in addition to simply locating them.

The panel’s action buttons include: Close documents, Rotate documents, Paste on multiple documents, Match image size and Merge selected documents. You can resize the panel as well as adjust the thumbnail size with the built-in slider.


Access Doco from the Extension Manager in the Creative Cloud desktop app. Then download, extract and load the extension. When you launch Photoshop, you can run Doco from Windows > Extensions > Doco. 

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Akvis All Plugins 2014 Updated (27.11.2014) | 3.2 GB
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian

AKVIS All Plugins 2014 will make you the artist , restorer, a magician and a creative person . When you first turn the program AKVIS, a surprisingly simple interface box and 5-6 buttons when you hover over them exhaustively talk about their functions. One excellent collection of plugin for all your graphic and fotography works.  

AKVIS Coloriage 9.5.1062.10385

AKVIS Coloriage 9.5.1062.10406 for Adobe Photoshop (Mac OS X) | 172MB



AKVIS Coloriage manipulates the colors of an image: from colorizing old black and white photos from your family album to replacing colors in your color photos. Make a present for your grandmother by adding color to her school photo, replace the colors of your car to see how it would look in scarlet, see how you will look if you dye your hair red.


Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins Bundle 2014  | 3.84 GB

Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins Bundle 2014 will provide you with the most complete & organized Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins collection, which include the latest editions for each set. I ensure you that each set that I have included in this bundle will give you the latest update of them. In addition, I assure you that each set contained in this bundle will work like a charm for your Adobe Photohop.

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