Collection of vector abstract backgrounds vol.24

Collection of vector abstract backgrounds vol.24
Stock Vectors - Collection of Vector Abstract Backgrounds Vol.24
25 EPS Vectorw with JPG Previews | RAR 41 MB

ThemeForest - Spectro v1.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

ThemeForest - Spectro v1.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme | 21,9 MB

Spectro is clean, responsive and flexible modern looking Wordpress theme. Thanks to multi-purpose layout it can be easily used for business, corporate or portfolio sites. Theme was created with beginners in mind, so all the options, shortcodes, custom templates and post types are easy to use and user friendly. Theme was heavily tested on mobile devices to make sure it looks good and it's fully flexible.

ThemeForest - Krios v2.0 - Template for Joomla 2.5

ThemeForest - Krios v2.0 - Template for Joomla 2.5 | 34,5 MB

KRIOS is a superb template for Joomla version 2.5, based on the powerfull Gantry Framework.

Michael Miller, "My Google Chromebook"
2011 | pages: 287 | ISBN: 0789743965 | PDF | 10,1 mb

My Google Chromebook brings together all the expert advice and easy, step-by-step know-how you'll need to make the most of your new Google Chromebook -in no time! Chromebooks are laptop computers that are entirely based on Google Chrome OS, cloud-based OS that is a radical departure from traditional Windows and Mac OSes. Because of its web-based nature, using a Chromebook and the Chrome OS is quite a bit different from using a traditional notebook PC and Microsoft Windows. To get the most use out of your new Chromebook, you need to become familiar with how cloud computing works - as well as all the ins and outs of your new Chromebook. You'll find all that and more here!

P. Sarang, F. Jennings, M. Juric, R. Loganathan, "SOA Approach to Integration: XML, Web services, ESB, and BPEL in real-world SOA projects"
2007 | pages: 382 | ISBN: 1904811175 | PDF | 9,7 mb

This book shows how to define SOA integration architecture, what technologies to use, and how to best integrate existing applications with modern e-business solutions. The book also shows how to develop web services, how to process and manage XML documents from JEE and .NET platforms, and how to use ESBs and BPEL executable business processes within SOA architecture. This book is for architects and senior developers who are responsible for setting up SOA for integration for applications within the enterprise (intra-enterprise integration) and applications across enterprises (inter-enterprise integration or B2B).

Rick F. van der Lans, "SQL for MySQL Developers: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference"
English | 2007-04-30 | ISBN: 0131497359 | 1031 pages | PDF | 4.74 mb

The Most Complete and Practical Guide to MySQL Version 5's Powerful SQL Dialect . . .

MySQL version 5 offers a SQL dialect with immense power. In SQL for MySQL Developers, Rick F. van der Lans helps you master this version ofSQL and take advantage of its full potential. Using case study examplesand hands-on exercises, van der Lans illuminates every key concept,technique, and statement-including advanced features that make iteasier to create even the most complex statements and programs.

David Sterling, Michael Mainer, Ben Spain, Mark Taylor, Huw Upshall, "Inside Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Web Services"
2007 | pages: 928 | ISBN: 0735623929 | CHM | 13,1 mb

Al Sweigart - Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (April 14, 2013) | ISBN: 1482614375 | English | Pages: 436 | PDF | 6.6 Mb

Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python not only teaches you how to write in secret ciphers with paper and pencil. This book teaches you how to write your own cipher programs and also the hacking programs that can break the encrypted messages from these ciphers. Unfortunately, the programs in this book won't get the reader in trouble with the law (or rather, fortunately) but it is a guide on the basics of both cryptography and the Python programming language. Instead of presenting a dull laundry list of concepts, this book provides the source code to several fun programming projects for adults and young adults.

James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross - Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (6th Edition)
Published: 2012-03-05 | ISBN: 0132856204, 0273768964 | PDF | 864 pages | 11 MB

Building on the successful top-down approach of previous editions, the Sixth Edition of Computer Networking continues with an early emphasis on application-layer paradigms and application programming interfaces (the top layer), encouraging a hands-on experience with protocols and networking concepts, before working down the protocol stack to more abstract layers.
This book has become the dominant book for this course because of the authors' reputations, the precision of explanation, the quality of the art program, and the value of their own supplements.

Rick Moore - UI Design with Adobe Illustrator: Discover the ease and power of using Illustrator to design Web sites and apps
Published: 2012-08-09 | ISBN: 0321833856 | EPUB / MOBI | 256 pages | 5 MB / 24 MB

John Rittinghouse, James Ransome, "Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management, and Security"
English | 2009-08-17 | ISBN: 1439806802 | 340 pages | PDF | 7.61 mb

Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management, and Security provides an understanding of what cloud computing really means, explores how disruptive it may become in the future, and examines its advantages and disadvantages. It gives business executives the knowledge necessary to make informed, educated decisions regarding cloud initiatives.

Robert Love, "Linux Kernel Development"
2010 | pages: 467 | ISBN: 0672329468 | PDF | 3,6 mb

Linux Kernel Development details the design and implementation of the Linux kernel, presenting the content in a manner that is beneficial to those writing and developing kernel code, as well as to programmers seeking to better understand the operating system and become more efficient and productive in their coding.

Paul Barry, "Head First Python"
2010 | ISBN: 1449382673 | 496 pages | PDF | 16,8 MB

Ever wished you could learn Python from a book? Head First Python is a complete learning experience for Python that helps you learn the language through a unique method that goes beyond syntax and how-to manuals, helping you understand how to be a great Python programmer. You'll quickly learn the language's fundamentals, then move onto persistence, exception handling, web development, SQLite, data wrangling, and Google App Engine. You'll also learn how to write mobile apps for Android, all thanks to the power that Python gives you.

Linda Jenkinson, Tom Critchlow, "The Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization"
2010 | pages: 51 | ISBN: N/A | PDF | 14,4 mb

This book is a concise and clear introduction to the art of search engine optimization and marketing. It presents current website optimization strategies, discusses their pitfalls and builds the foundations for long term success. Readers will discover how to get their website listed on the major search engines quickly and for free, analyze and beat their competitors' strategies, increase their search engine rankings and boost the number and quality of visitors.

Atul Gupta, Sudhanshu Hate, Andrew Siemeк - ASP.NET 4 Social Networking
Published: 2011-03-23 | ISBN: 1849690820 | PDF | 484 pages | 32 MB

Mike Wolfson and Donn Felker, "Android Developer Tools Essentials: Android Studio to Zipalign"
English | ISBN: 1449328210 | 2013 | 250 pages | PDF, EPUB | 37 MB

Android development can be challenging, but through the effective use of Android Developer Tools (ADT), you can make the process easier and improve the quality of your code. This concise guide demonstrates how to build apps with ADT for a device family that features several screen sizes, different hardware capabilities, and a varying number of resources.

Robert Kronenburg, "Portable Architecture: Design and Technology"
2008 | ISBN-10: 3764383240 | 160 pages | PDF | 27,4 MB

WrapBootstrap - Abbu - Responsive Business Theme

Wrapbootstrap - Abbu - Responsive Business Theme | 8,22 MB

Abbu is a sister theme of Akmalz. I have tried to cover a lot of new things in this theme that you might find useful for your next project. Yes its available in multi-colors, use the THEME SWITCHER to check different colors. It also comes in 2 theme variations - Theme with Ribbons & Without Ribbons (Option available in themeswitcher).

Gravity Forms v1.7.9

Gravity Forms v1.7.9 | 3,92 MB

ThemeForest - Grinder - Coming Soon Page - RIP

ThemeForest - Grinder - Coming Soon Page - RIP | 4,51 MB

Grinder - Coming Soon Page was carefully designed to help you communicate with your clients while your are building or updating your beloved website.
A simple and clean countdown timer is always a great feature to have if you are committed to a deadline. You can also start to build up your users base giving them a subscribe area, so they can get updated when your site is ready to go live.
The mood of this coming soon page can also be changed very easily. Just type in your favorite color and you are ready to go.

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