Scrap kit   Lavender Story

Scrap kit   Lavender Story

100 elements |12 papers| 3600x3600PX| 346 Mb

B-Girl III - B.A.D. - B-Girl III


B-Girl III

B.A.D. - B-Girl III


"B-Girl III" is high-quality 3D model of clothes for V4,A4,G4,S4,Elite.

Include in this pack:
• 1 Conforming Clothing Figure
• 1 Geometry Files
• 5 Matposes
• 8 Textures


DOW 5 Hero Bundle


In those times of crisis when you need a team of heroes, look for the Dogs Of War. The greatest warriors from across the world unite to battle whatever evil may arise.

John, Europe's best brawler can fight his way out of any situation.

Joseph, a native from the Americas puts his skills to the work of good.

Lee, comes from the orient and is trained in many forms of martial arts.

Raj, a brilliant mind coupled with fighting skills makes this native of India a force to be reckoned with.

Theo, a giant of a man emerges out of Africa to face off against chaos in all its forms.




This set consists of 10 items for Victoria 4 - Abdomen, Belt, Bottles, Collar, Gloves, Necklace, Pouch, Skirt, Skirt Short, And Top. As a bonus included is a parchment scroll as well as all 5 bottles as hand props for both left and right hand.

Included are MAT poses to apply 5 highly detailed texture styles to all pieces.

Many full body and adjustment morphs along with many morphs from the V4 Morphs++ set have been added
to all the pieces in order for them to fit your favorite character creations for V4.




Claudia offers you a refreshing new character with multiple make-up options and two eyebrows colors.


Multilayered frame for Photoshop - Flamenco
Multilayered frame for Photoshop - Flamenco
PSD+PNG | 3770x5332 | 300 dpi | 80,21 MB
Author: Koaress



Source site No longer online

The Sentry


Get this fantasy armor today and you will have a battle-ready outfit for use in all your warrior scenes. After all, full-coverage armor is really only for those who don't know how to fight.



Product Includes:

1 Custom Face morph for Victoria 4 ( no morph addons needed )
Full set of textures, including bump and specular.
SSS Shaders for Poser9+
UberSurface Shaders for DazStudio 4+
6 Eye colors
6 MU + 1 Natural Face
7 Lip Colors



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Instructional Design: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications

Information Resources Management Association, "Instructional Design: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications"
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Existing Light Techniques for Wedding and Portrait Photography

Existing Light Techniques for Wedding and Portrait Photography by Bill Hurter
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Objective-C Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

Objective-C Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach By Matthew Campbell
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Brief Notes in Advanced DSP: Fourier Analysis with MATLAB

Artyom M. Grigoryan, Merughan M. Grigoryan - Brief Notes in Advanced DSP: Fourier Analysis with MATLAB
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Writing Modular javascript - NetTuts+
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