The Civic Apps Competition Handbook

The Civic Apps Competition Handbook By Kate Eyler-Werve,Virginia Carlson
2012 | 78 Pages | ISBN: 1449322646 | EPUB + PDF | 2 MB + 6 MB

Excel Dashboards and Reports

Michael Alexander, John Walkenbach, "Excel Dashboards and Reports"
2010 | ISBN-10: 0470620129 | PDF | 456 pages | 14 MB

The go to resource for how to use Excel dashboards and reports to better conceptualize data


What Digital Camera - December 2012 (HQ PDF)
What Digital Camera - December 2012
English | 124 pages | HQ PDF | 101.00 Mb

What Digital Camera magazine is the UK's longest running magazine of its kind, featuring digital camera reviews, buying advice, news, photography how to and photo gallery.


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ViVi - Japan - October 2011
Number of Pages: 414 pages 
ISSN: 4-910-013791016


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ViVi - Japan - September 2011
Number of Pages: 306 pages 
ISSN: 4-910-013790910


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ViVi - Japan - August 2011
Number of Pages: 288 pages 
ISSN: 4-910-013790811


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ViVi - Japan - July 2011
Number of Pages: 300 pages 
ISSN: 4-910-013790712


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ViVi - Japan - June 2011
Number of Pages: 394 pages 
ISSN: 4-910-013790613
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ViVi - Japan - May 2011
Number of pages: 292 pages 
ISSN: 1672-848305
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ViVi - Japan - November 2011
Number of Pages: 400 pages 
ISSN: 4-910-013791115


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Pixel Magazine - October 2012
Pixel Magazine - October 2012
English | True PDF | 38 pages | 10.7 MB

Pixel is a free non-profit making photography magazine of Pennine Lancashire.

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What Digital Camera - December 2012 (UK)
What Digital Camera - December 2012 (UK)
English | PDF | 124 pages | 66.9 Mb

What Digital Camera UK the best digital photography magazine provides the most in-depth digital equipment reviews and is the magazine you can trust to help you decide which digital products to buy from cameras to scanners, printers to software. Plus software technique tutorials offer easy to follow creative and practical guidance. Publication respected for its authoritative and unbiased camera, scanner, printer, and software reviews. Software technique articles and tutorials offer easy-to-follow creative and practical guidance, while reader galleries, professional portfolios, and regular artist interviews help inspire you.


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SmartAddons - SJ Fashion Store - Template For Joomla 2.5 - Retail
SmartAddons - SJ Fashion Store - Template For Joomla 2.5 - Retail | 53 MB
SJ Fashion Store is a luxury responsive template made for Joomla! 2.5. What made SJ Fashion this way: using sparkling design with glossy background and built-in very cool animated effects. By playing with re-designed C-Panel, you can tweak this template easily right in front-end to engross the audience attention by showing galleries and collections based on photos and videos.

Powered byYT Framework as usual, but with responsive layout, this template is a giant leap compared to our SJ Model before. This is not a replacement for previous one, clearly each has its own advantage; however by having optimized for both mobile and PC Websites, this is a valuable try. Integrated with VM componentSJ Fashion Store is great for mobile e-commerce experiences.

SJ Fashion Store can be used for fashion collections like high-brand products of shoes, watches, clothes... with wide range of custom fields relating to fashion stuff, namely, in stock, sale and discount price, additional photos and videos...

ActiveDen - Connect - Facebook Template (Timeline Version) - RETAIL
ActiveDen - Connect - Facebook Template (Timeline Version) - RETAIL | 4,99 MB
Facebook Template Global Features:

- Youtube support.
- 3D display/movement.
- Full XML driven.
- Easily change website sections order just by changing XML order.
- Easily add or remove sections (you can add multiple sections of the same type as simple as adding a new XML tag).There are 5 types of sections (photogallery/projects, videogallery, htmltext, externallink and contact).
- Easy to install – just copy deploy folder content on your server.
- Small filesize resulting in a fast loading time.
- Each section could have a background image (if it’s specified inside XML ).
- Website settings like sound, video intro, social media are also editable from XML .
- You can add an unlimited number of products (the template won’t crash or run slow – see pagination).

Videos used for preview are not included, you can purchase and edit videos from Dorde (Thank you!).
Images used for preview are not included, you can download images from Photos8

ActiveDen - Invincible XLE Facebook Fan Page - RETAIL
ActiveDen - Invincible XLE Facebook Fan Page - RETAIL | 6,16 MB

This is a Flash Template for Facebook’s Fan Page Tab. Editable through XML files and no Flash skills needed to customize / update data. Just inserting your image for background and choosing right Text Color can bring expected feel and uniqueness to the page.

Navigation has 4 basic buttons . Update your navigation Color, Label via XML .


You can update and select if you want an image(520×620px) as background or solid color via XML .
Top Bar and Bottom Bar colors can be changed via XML .


You can set ScrollBar color, Background color via xml. You can add images in scroller as well.

Unlimited images can be added. just save your images in folder and update the path in XML and you are done.

Thumbnail size: 170×170px Large Image:520×480px


Simple youtube player,set all your youtube videos in xml.

Its an autorespond xml/php email system, edit your address image in xml, you can set your own message for auto reply. All contents can be edit via xml.

PDF formated help file well documented with images and step by step explained.

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ActiveDen - Creative facebook page template - RETAIL
ActiveDen - Creative facebook page template - RETAIL | 2,94 MB
  • You can embed this Flash facebook template in your facebook’s fan page. Welcome to the preview of Facebook template. It is meant to be a simple template with about page, news feed, a simple gallery with description and a contact page.
  • It’s a simple Flash Template built with Tweenlite engine. The advanced tweening is made possible by the amazing Tweenlite. There is a presentation page, a simple news page and a gallery page. You can also add a contact in a creative way.
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ActiveDen - 3D Text Coming Soon Template
ActiveDen - 3D Text Coming Soon Template | 8,94 MB

3D Text Coming Soon Template is a simple but versatile site template that provides various advanced features with unique 3D text effect.


  • 3D intro text effect, including 3 different effects (fly, rotate, float) and random warping letters in 3D space.
  • Module base, you can load custom SWF to use in template.
  • Fully XML driven, customizable parameter via simple text editor.
  • Unique carousel view presents module thumbnail in creative 3D environment.
  • Social Media and bookmark sharing, there are number of social and bookmark network supported in the module (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Myspace, Wordpress, Linkedin, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, RSS ) or you can define your own via XML . The menu is also designed with beautiful fish eye Mac OS dock effect.
  • Text scroller module, smooth easing scrolling and support various html tag as well as CSS styling.
  • Original countdown clock, number switched by 3D flipping effect.
  • Contact form module.
  • Custom footer text.
  • Custom logo at top left corner.
  • Custom background music.
  • Fullscreen supported.
  • 5 pages documentation with details information about customization and advanced feature.
  • Source code provided and well commented.
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ThemeForest - Method, a Responsive Business Theme for WordPress
ThemeForest - Method, a Responsive Business Theme for WordPress | 15,9 MB

Method is a responsive theme that is smart, powerful and beatifully designed for any business/agency that wants to show of their services, testimonials, portfolio and more. With the ability to have unlimited layouts by utilising widgets, you’ll have no problem creating a site that is unique to your company.

The true power of Method is it’s ability to allow you to easily customize the colors, backgrounds and layout. You can completely change the look and feel of your site with a couple of clicks. (Hint: Click the magic “Style Examples” button in the header of the Method demo site.)

Method also uses CSS3 animations where possible. This means that browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari will have super smooth animations. If the browser doesn’t support these, don’t worry – it will fallback to javascript and keep the same effects.

Show off your projects with unlimited filterable portfolios. You also have the option to add tabbed areas, as many as you want actually. This is a really great way to organise the content of your portfolio posts.

But wait, there’s more…You also get a bunch of options to customise your theme as well as a variety of shortcodes and post editor extras to enhance your content. See below for a full list of features.

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