Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 by James P.E. Wedding
English | Sep. 22, 2008 | ISBN: 0470373156 | 864 Pages | PDF | 42.66 MB

If you already possess some background in Civil 3D but want to broaden your understanding of this popular civil engineering software, Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 will provide you with detailed coverage of advanced topics like surveying, LandXML and LDT Project Transfer, cross-sections, pipe networks, visualization, project management, and data shortcuts. Many of the featured topics and techniques, directly applicable to the civil engineering profession, are previously undocumented. Practical tutorials, tips, tricks, real-world examples and easy-to-follow explanations detail all aspects of a civil engineering project. For Instructors: Teaching supplements are available for this title.

Oracle SQL: a Beginner\'s Tutorial

Oracle SQL: a Beginner's Tutorial By Djoni Darmawikarta
2014 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 0980839645 | PDF | 1 MB

Initially developed at IBM in the early 1970s, SQL was formalized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1986. Since then the SQL standard has been revised seven times. 
SQL consists of a data definition language (DDL) and a data manipulation language (DML). The DDL is used to create, delete, and alter the structure of a table and other database objects. The DML is used to insert, retrieve, and update data in a table or tables. 
Many database vendors implement a version of SQL that is not 100% compliant with the standard. They often add unique features to their SQL, resulting in an SQL dialect. 
This book is for you if you want to learn SQL the easy way. This book uses the free edition of the Oracle database to show how SQL works.

Extending Acrobat Forms with JavaScript

Extending Acrobat Forms with javascript by John Deubert
English | May 3, 2003 | ISBN: 0321172388 | 280 Pages | PDF | 35.34 MB

Unlike other books on javascript, which explain how to write javascript programs for the Web, Extending Acrobat Forms with javascript is the first and only book to explain how to use javascript to create sophisticated, interactive documents in Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat expert John Deubert teaches javascript programming basics in the context of carrying out specific, useful tasks in Acrobat. For example, you¿ll learn how to manipulate Acrobat with javascript to perform calculations, retrieve data from a database, process form data, and more. And each tutorial is broken down into small, manageable chunks so as not to overwhelm you with long blocks of code. A one-of-a kind book, Extending Acrobat Forms with javascript is a great resource for anyone who wants to gain more control over Adobe¿s extremely popular Acrobat software.

C++ AMP (Developer Reference)

C++ AMP (Developer Reference) by Ade Miller
English | Sep. 25, 2012 | ISBN: 0735664730 | 356 Pages | PDF | 8.18 MB

Capitalize on the faster GPU processors in today's computers with the C++ AMP code library--and bring massive parallelism to your project. With this practical book, experienced C++ developers will learn parallel programming fundamentals with C++ AMP through detailed examples, code snippets, and case studies. Learn the advantages of parallelism and get best practices for harnessing this technology in your applications. Discover how to: Gain greater code performance using graphics processing units (GPUs) Choose accelerators that enable you to write code for GPUs Apply thread tiles, tile barriers, and tile static memory Debug C++ AMP code with Microsoft Visual Studio® Use profiling tools to track the performance of your code Get code samples on the web Ready to download at: For system requirements see the Introduction

The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model: Foundation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure

The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model: Foundation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure by Earl F. Burkholder
English | Apr. 15, 2008 | ISBN: 1420063014 | 392 Pages | PDF | 46.98 MB

Traditional methods for handling spatial data are encumbered by the assumption of separate origins for horizontal and vertical measurements. Modern measurement systems operate in a 3-D spatial environment. The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model: Foundation of the Spatial Data Infrastructure offers a new model for handling digital spatial data, the global spatial data model or GSDM. The GSDM preserves the integrity of three-dimensional spatial data while also providing additional benefits such as simpler equations, worldwide standardization, and the ability to track spatial data accuracy with greater specificity and convenience. This groundbreaking spatial model incorporates both a functional model and a stochastic model to connect the physical world to the ECEF rectangular system. Combining horizontal and vertical data into a single, three-dimensional database, this authoritative monograph provides a logical development of theoretical concepts and practical tools that can be used to handle spatial data more efficiently. The book clearly describes procedures that can be used to handle both ECEF and flat-Earth rectangular components in the context of a rigorous global environment.

WordPress 3 Site Blueprints

WordPress 3 Site Blueprints by Heather R. Wallace
English | Aug. 3, 2010 | ISBN: 1847199364 | 300 Pages | PDF | 6.9 MB

Follow along as you work to build a variety of sites-all using WordPress. Each chapter is devoted to the construction of a different type of site that can be created with WordPress and the right combination of either free or premium themes and/or plugins. While this book isn't designed for beginners, those with even an intermediate knowledge of WordPress will be able to get these sites up and running in no time. Also, since each chapter is devoted to the design of a different site, there's no need to read the book in any particular order. Instead, you can pick and choose the blueprints that are of the most interest to you and dive right in. If you're a self-learner or a WordPress consultant who, instead of being content with using WordPress out-of-the-box, is interested in exploring all that this open source software has to offer, then this book is for you. The clear instructions provided in each chapter will guide you through the process of creating a varied collection of WordPress sites for either yourself or a client. While some experience with WordPress is required to get the most from this book, if you can install themes and plugins, you should be able to follow these easy-to-understand WordPress blueprints. Some knowledge of CSS and HTML will be beneficial, but experience with PHP is not required.

R Graph Cookbook

R Graph Cookbook by Hrishi Mittal
English | Jan. 14, 2011 | ISBN: 1849513066 | 272 Pages | PDF | 4.02 MB

This hands-on guide cuts short the preamble and gets straight to the point – actually creating graphs, instead of just theoretical learning. Each recipe is specifically tailored to fulfill your appetite for visually representing you data in the best way possible. This book is for readers already familiar with the basics of R who want to learn the best techniques and code to create graphics in R in the best way possible. It will also serve as an invaluable reference book for expert R users.

Perl moderne

Perl moderne by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni
French | 2010 | ISBN: 2744024198 | 450 Pages | PDF | 2.03 MB

Ce Guide de survie est l'outil indispensable pour programmer en Perl aujourd'hui. II présente les dernières évolutions de Perl 5 par ses versions 5.10 et 5.12, fortement empreintes de la version 6 en cours de finalisation. Facile à transporter, facile à utiliser - finis les livres encombrants !Plus de 350 séquences de code pour répondre aux situations les plus courantes et exploiter efficacement les fonctions et les bibliothèques d'un langage qui s'est radicalement modernisé.

GWT im Einsatz

GWT im Einsatz by Adam Tacy
German | Oct. 31, 2007 | ISBN: 3446412417 | 567 Pages | PDF | 16.15 MB

Das Google Web Toolkit (GWT) ist eine neue Technologie von Google, die Java automatisch in javascript übersetzt. Damit wird das Erstellen und Deployen von Ajax-Anwendungen noch leichter. Mit dieser Entwicklung hat Google Ajax dahin gebracht, bestehende Tools zu nutzen - anstatt neue Tools für Ajax zu schaffen. Dieses Buch ist ein umfassendes Tutorial für Java-Entwickler, die die neue Generation von großen, webbasierten Applikationen bauen wollen. Die Autoren dieses Buches sind Robert Hanson, der Erfinder der beliebten GWT Widget Library, und Adam Tacy, der wichtige Beiträge zur GWT Widget Library geleistet hat. Sie zeigen anhand vieler Beispiele, wie man dieses begeisternde Tool vorteilhaft einsetzen kann. Der Leser steigt in das Thema ein, indem er mit Hilfe der Autoren eine funktionierende GWT-Anwendung erstellt. Das Buch deckt den ganzen Entwicklungszyklus vom Aufsetzen der Entwicklungsumgebung über das Erstellen der Applikation und das Deployment auf dem Web-Server ab. Der Kern der GWT Library wird ausführlich vorgestellt, Möglichkeiten der Erweiterung werden gezeigt. Im Internet: Der Sourcecode der Beispiele aus dem Buch. Ein Buch für alle Java- und AJAX-Programmierer.

Men\'s Fitness Lean & Strong 2015
Men's Fitness Lean & Strong 2015
Dennis Publishing UK | 2015 | English | ISBN: 1781064318 | 164 pages | True PDF | 81.00 Mb

Prepare your body for anything with a detailed breakdown of the most important moves in fitness for building muscle, improving mobility and burning fat. This book has everything you need: whether you want to compete in the next CrossFit Games or just get in and out of bed more easily, functional training is a simple concept: you do exercises that train the body for movements you do in everyday life, such as running, jumping and lifting your own bodyweight. Whatever your goals and abilities, the workouts in this book will challenge and engage you. And most importantly, enhance your level of fitness.

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Conspiracy Theories 2015
Conspiracy Theories 2015
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461222 | English | 164 pages | True PDF | 98.00 Mb

From the mysteries surrounding groups such as the Freemasons, Illuminati and Templars, to the questions surrounding the death of Princess Diana, the assassination of JFK, and the cover up at Roswell, nothing divides opinion like a conspiracy theory. But while many people will just accept the truth, should we really be digging a little deeper and looking a bit harder? And if you do, who knows what you may find… Featuring: The truth revealed - From the death of Princess Di to the assassination of JFK, find out what really happened. Global cover-ups - Do we know everything about the moments that changed the course of history? Are we alone? - What happened at Roswell? Who are the Men In Black? Are aliens living on Earth already? Secret societies - Who really runs the world?

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Independent Guide to Ebay 2016
Independent Guide to Ebay 2016
Dennis Lifestyle Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1781064474 | English | 132 pages | True PDF | 27.00 Mb

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Make: Paper Inventions


Make: Paper Inventions: Machines that Move, Drawings that Light Up, and Wearables and Structures You Can Cut, Fold, and Roll (Make: Technology on Your Time) by Kathy Ceceri
English | 28 Sept. 2015 | ISBN: 1457187523 | 132 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF (True) | 197.37 MB/311.8 MB/195.35 MB

Paper is amazing stuff. It's cheap, easy to use, and easy to recycle. It's lightweight and easy to cut or tear--but incredibly strong when folded, layered, or rolled. It can stand stiff as a board, pop up like a spring, or hang softly like a silk scarf. It's disposable, but it can last for centuries. Its surface can be rough, or creamy smooth, or shiny. Sometimes it's so thin you can see through it; other times, it's thick enough to hold globs of paint. But it can also be beautiful, all on its own.



Canon The Complete Manual Revised Edition
Canon The Complete Manual Revised Edition
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461273 | English | 132 pages | True PDF | 30.00 Mb

Canon is arguably the biggest name on the photography market, and within this bookazine we’ll discover why. Learn about the essential kit, how to clean your camera and the best lenses to use for all sorts of images. We will also take you through the best way to compose your shots, using the flash and some other useful accessories. The How to section will assist you with a variety of shots and the best way to achieve them. Finally, we’ll help you get to grips with Canon’s powerful editing and sharing software. Featuring: Set up your Canon - From the box to the perfect shot. Choose the right lens - Advice for picking the best lens for the job Using your Canon - Get to grips with metering, focusing, white balance and more Edit with Canon - Use Canon's Digital Photo Professional software to perfect your shots

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How It Works Book of 101 Amazing Facts You Need To Know Volume 2

How It Works Book of 101 Amazing Facts You Need To Know Volume 2
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461281 | English | 132 pages | True PDF | 27.00 Mb

Do you know why plankton glows in the dark? Ever wondered what the Goldilocks Zone is? Fancy learning how to drift a car? Covering the environment, technology, science, space, transport and history, this newly revised collection of conundrums and curiosities will satisfy even the hungriest of minds. Featuring: Environment - Who owns the world's pandas, how pearls are formed and more. Technology - How anti-venom is made, how to capture light trails and more. Space - Who owns the moon, why Pluto is or isn't a planet and more. Transport - How to drift in a car, how brake fluid works and more.

Scratch: Learn to Program The Easy Way
Scratch: Learn to Program The Easy Way
Dennis Publishing UK | 2015 | English | ISBN: 1781064504 | True PDF | 148 pages | 68 MB

Anyone can code. Certainly, writing the next Minecraft or programming complex simulations from scratch will require a deeper knowledge, but anyone and everyone has the potential to learn some basic coding skills, then take those skills and write a simple program. This book can help you and your kids take that potential further. Read it, follow the projects and get to grips with the fundamentals of programming, and you and they can learn to code.

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Definitive Guide to Windows 10
Definitive Guide to Windows 10
Dennis Publishing UK | 2015 | English | ISBN: 1781064563 | True PDF | 148 pages | 48 MB

The Definitive Guide to Windows 10 is the only book you need on the new operating system. You’ll learn how to master the new tools, lock Microsoft’s weak privacy settings and prevent future updates from wrecking your PC. Our team of PC experts have been working hard to update the book to include fixes for all the problems and bugs that have appeared in Windows 10 since it launched. Don’t use Windows 10 without this book by your side!

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All About Space Tour of the Universe 2nd Revised Edition
All About Space Tour of the Universe 2nd Revised Edition
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461257 | English | 180 pages | True PDF | 95.00 Mb

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Retro (GamesTM Collection) Vol. 8
Retro (GamesTM Collection) Vol. 8
Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461222 | English | 180 pages | True PDF | 91.00 Mb

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Pro Java 8 Programming (3rd edition)

Pro Java 8 Programming (3rd edition) By Terrill Brett Spell
2015 | 695 Pages | ISBN: 1484206428 | PDF | 9 MB

Pro Java 8 Programming covers the core Java development kit. It takes advantage of the finer points of the core standard edition (SE) and development kit version 8. You'll discover the particulars of working with the Java language and APIs to develop applications in many different contexts. You will also delve into more advanced topics like lambda expressions, closures, new i/o (NIO.2), enums, generics, XML, metadata and the Swing APIs for GUI design and development. By the end of the book, you’ll be fully prepared to take advantage of Java's ease of development, and able to create powerful, sophisticated Java applications.

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